About Us

At Little Bunnies – The Outdoor Classroom – we provide young children (aged 2- 3) with a unique opportunity to play and learn in a green outdoor environment away from the confines of a regular classroom.

We are situated at Infinite Studios, 21 Media Circle, #01-08, S138562.

You can contact us by entering your email or directly by telephone:

Jane Sale: 97733022;  Jane Mayo: 97598990

At Little Bunnies – The Outdoor Classroom, we take the learning needs of young children but we manage it in an outdoor environment.

Children need nature for their emotional and physical well being. For a lot of children, exposure to nature is extremely minimal if at all. Children have become disconnected with the natural world so we set about reconnecting children with nature.

From a very young age, it is important for children to develop empathy and through the growing and nurturing of plants, children learn to use those caring skills and to appreciate living things. Exposing young children to nature allows them to build a set of foundations they can develop as they grow.

Research clearly shows that being in a ‘green environment’ impacts powerfully on the learning process, enhancing creativity, a sense of safety and belonging, and laying the foundation for a positive disposition towards learning.

Active learning through structured group play activities enables children to use their natural curiosity to develop psycho-motor, language and social skills essential for future learning.

The children learn and play surrounded by a lush tropical landscape, nurturing a respect and understanding of how things grow and evolve on a daily basis.  A vegetable garden in Singapore’s Garden City is the perfect way to generate children’s curiosity in how things grow; as well as ‘getting dirty’ and having fun whilst learning by doing.

Arts and crafts are a key part of Little Bunnies projects, using a wide variety of recycled goods.  The children (and their parents) are encouraged to bring interesting articles in from home that can be re-used and adapted into something new and exciting.  Our musical instruments are also made by the children using a variety of recycled materials.  The children’s creative work is taken home regularly, providing an important communication link with parents.

At Little Bunnies we help children acquire the basic skills and confidence to work together, to share and take turns fairly, and have a sense of ease and respect for the world around them.